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Our boutique family business began from our passion for candles that grow into a business after realising it is quite unfairly expensive to buy well-designed, eco-friendly and premium candles from today’s market. We aimed to change that and in 2015 we established our brand as ‘De Kayu’ meaning ‘The Wood’, as our candles are using wood lids and wood wicks. Wood and amber sets a sense of warmth and character into a home decor and works equally well in modern and traditional homes.

We believe that happiness radiates like the fragrances of our candles and draws all positive things towards us. A quality scented candles should have a certain personality that makes people identify that particular scent with us and our home.

We have spent years experimenting and crafting to create our range of fragrances and handmade eco soy candles after our return from travelling across Europe and Asia. Each of our signature scents are drawn from the culture across the world. We strive to keep the cost of our candles friendly for the customers and the planet [ by only using 100% soy wax & sustainably packaged] without compromising on the quality of our products. 

We only produce in small batches, hand-poured and each of our candles are hand-crafted. Our candles are usually not found in most mainstream outlets, as we would like to remain niche in our growing business. we love to support a boutique & locally handmade shops helping local businesses give a community its flavour.

We hope that you will love our candles and share them with those around you. De Kayu candles are hand-made with love from our home to yours.

Thank you for visiting our online shop and supporting local businesses!




De Kayu Candles

Maylands , Western Australia

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